Undergraduate Mathematics Competitions

Competition Practice Sessions

Practice session information for 2021-2022 is pending. Please check back in F21 for details.

Math majors, please check your email for 2021-2022 Problem Solving Group messages!

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William Lowell Putnam competition

The Putnam competition usually takes place on the first Saturday in December of each year. However, "due to the coronavirus crisis, most students in the US and Canada are unable to return to campuses this fall. Therefore, the 81st Putnam Competition, originally scheduled for Fall 2020, [was] postponed until February 20, 2021." Please go to the Official Putnam website to see alternate plans if most students are unable to return to their campuses. Please note that as of August 2021, no further updates have been received.

The Putnam competition consists of a morning session and an afternoon session, each half having six problems and three hours to solve them. Students work individually. The competition is nationwide. Students need to register in order to compete.

MAA/NCS team competition

The North Central section of the Mathematical Association of America holds a team competition that takes place each year (usually on a Saturday in mid-November). This competition has been renamed the Jerry Heuer Team Competition."The twenty-fourth annual Heuer NCS Team contest is scheduled for (date TBD) from 9 am to noon.  The next Team competition will take place in 2022." Please go to the MAA/NCS team competition webpage for updates.

The competition itself is three hours for ten problems. Students are organized into teams of three or two students, and work collaboratively. The competition consists of other teams from the Midwest and Canada.

Other Competitions

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Winona State University hosts the Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC).


The Student Chapter of SIAM at UMN  coordinates participation in both local and international competitions.


Additional Information


Please email ugrad@math.umn.edu with your questions, if they are not addressed by the links above.