Outstanding Teaching Awards

Each spring the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award is given to three graduate TAs who have demonstrated exemplary teaching ability.

These awards are made by the Instruction Committee and are based on nominations from students and faculty members and faculty teaching evaluations. The Outstanding Teaching awards are made in the spring following the academic year in which students are evaluated. 

The awards are listed by academic year and indicate the awardees' name and the year they entered the program.


Alexis Dasher (2019)
Dorian Smith (2019)
Kayla Wright (2018)


Drisana Mosaphir (2017)
María Sánchez-Muñiz (2017)
Marshall Smith (2016)


Olivia Cannon (2017)
Andrew Hardt (2016)
Michelle Pinharry (2014)


Katherine Maxwell (2015)
Sarah Milstein (2015)
Jorin Schug (2015)


Chandramouli Harini (2014)
Shelley Kandola (2013)
Tara Palnitkar (2016)


Nicole Bridgland (2012)
Harris Mohammed Ismail (2011)
Katherine Weber (2015)