Registering for a Closed Math Course

How to register for a closed Math class and what to expect with the process.

Timing: What to expect

  • Expect a reply with permission or denial at least three business days after sending your request.
  • Wait until at least five business days to request a status update.
  • Permission for a closed/restricted section is active only for a specified time. The deadline date to register by permission is included in our email response to your request.

Why permission may be denied

  • Maximum enrollment cap for class has been reached.
  • You do not have prerequisite requirement(s).
  • You do not meet priority seating criteria.
  • You’re unable to register when the request is received (either due to an active hold on your record or because your personal registration time is later).
  • You have multiple conflicting requests.


Undergraduate Mathematics Office
115 Vincent Hall



Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

The Undergraduate Mathematics Office is closed on all university holidays, evenings, and weekends. Emails are not processed when the office is closed.