UMTYMP Math Courses

The University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP, pronounced "um-tee-ump") is one of the nation's premier accelerated programs for high-school students highly talented in mathematics.

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Meeting Math major and minor requirements

The six UMTYMP Math courses do not have direct equivalencies to the lower-division math requirements. However, they are accepted in lieu of the following requirements in the Math major and minor programs.

UMTYMP course combinations

Requirement met

MATH 1471 + MATH 1472

Calculus I (MATH 1271/1371) + Calculus II (MATH 1272/1372)

MATH 1473 + 2471

Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (MATH 2243/2373)

MATH 2472 + 2473

Multivariable Calculus (MATH 2263/2374)

Six-course UMTYMP sequence

Course waiver for the Sequences, Series, and Foundations course (but does not satisfy the writing intensive component)

For programs that only require linear algebra and not differential equations, the UMTYMP course MATH 2471 could be accepted in lieu of Linear Algebra (MATH 2142).


Undergraduate Mathematics Office
115 Vincent Hall