Preparing for Graduate Studies in Mathematics

Find guidance on preparing for graduate school and explore mathematics-focused graduate programs.

Timeline: Preparing for grad school

Courses to consider when preparing for graduate studies in Mathematics

  • MATH 3592H/3593H or MATH 1571H/1572H/2573H/2574H/3283W
  • MATH 5615H/5616H Honors: Introduction to Analysis I/II
  • MATH 5285H/5286H Honors: Fundamental Structures of Algebra I/II
  • MATH 5165 Mathematical Logic I
  • MATH 5345H Honors: Introduction to Topology
  • MATH 5378 Differential Geometry
  • MATH 5467 Introduction to the Mathematics of Image and Data Analysis
  • MATH 5485/5486 Introduction to Numerical Methods I/II
  • MATH 5587/5588 Elementary Partial Differential Equations I/II
  • MATH 5583 Complex Analysis
  • MATH 5651 Basic Theory of Probability and Statistics or STAT 5101
  • MATH 8xxx: Contact for information