Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM)

 What is the MFM?

Minnesota’s MFM prepares students to enter the high-paying and fascinating field of quantitative finance, where mathematics, statistics, data science, and finance all come together. The modeling and analytics learned in the program and the connections to our extensive alumni network are instrumental in helping you tap into an ever-changing and cutting-edge field.  People with STEM, Economics and Finance backgrounds are a great fit for the program and the field of quantitative finance.


Hear from some of our MFM Alumni

Student MFM

Robert Schell

Assistant VP/LIBOR Transition Industry & Regulatory Affairs Lead, U.S. Bank
2016 MFM Alumnus 

Student MFM

 Zhoreh Ebadi

Commodity Strategist, Cargill Risk Management
2018 MFM Alumna