Career Support and Advising

As an MFM or FQF student you have access to a wide range of career development support.  

Weekly Career Development Workshop - First year of MFM
This workshop is highly advised for all students who are not working full time.  We help you get prepared for the job market or find quantitave finance research projects.  Topics include resume and bio development,  proactive networking tips and job or project interview preparation, and presentation development and practice.   We also spend time helping you explore the many sub-fields within Quantitative Finance, the types of firms that hire MFM graduates, and what roles you can aspire to within the field.

Online Career Development Canvas Site
This tool allows you to focus on specific elements of the job search process in Quantitative Finance.  Full time students use it in conjunction with the career development workshop; part time students can use it at their own pace.

One-on-One MFM Career Advising

As an MFM student you can meet with your designated career advisor, Ms. Laurie Derechin.  Laurie has 25+ years of experience as a corporate leader in sales, marketing, product development, new corporate subsidiary, start-up and business development in a variety of fields from consumer goods, to energy, broadband and education.  She has hired many employees and knows how  to identify the unique talents of others and help them realize their career development goals.  Laurie has been working as the career advisor for the MFM program for over 8 years and has built a high level of knowledge on the broad spectrum of career paths within the field of quantiative finance.  She maintains a strong connection with the MFM's large network of alumni and practitioners invovled in MCFAM and the MFM program.  She also leads first year MFM students through a yearlong career development workshop.  To make an appointment with Laurie, contact Robin Dixon at