Financial Mathematics Student Association


MFM/FQF students run the Financial Math Student Association (FMA) which meets regularly during the academic year. 

When a new incoming class of MFM/FQF students arrive for Orientation FMA officers and members work hard to onboard the new students to campus, academic life and our career development process. They organize 2nd year MFM student and MFM alumni mentors for those new students who want to be mentored. 

The FMA co-hosts with the MFM/FQF programs the following events:  New York City Trek (for 2nd year students only), Chicago Trek, and the Quant Finance and Statistics Graduate Career Event.

The FMA also invites a variety of local companies hiring MFM graduates to speak to current Financial Mathematics students on Friday afternoons from September to April.  These companies are motivated to stay in touch with new generations of students. They share what they do and what it takes to work in their departments. About 5-6 companies attend FMA meetings in both Fall and Spring semester.  Company presenters usually include MFM alumni working in the firms as quantitative analysts, investment analysts, data scientists, traders, model validators and other quantitative risk professionals. Often times hiring managers and recruiters are part of these presentations.

You can sign up to be a member by emailing