Courses with Special Registration


Non-Admitted, Non-Degree Student First Time Registration

People who are not enrolled, degree-seeking students at the University of Minnesota can register for an Undergraduate Mathematics course for credit through the College for Continuing & Professional Studies (CCAPS). The CCAPS web page entitled "Credit Courses" includes information about costs (tuition and fees), resources, and frequently asked questions. 

Math Courses for CBS Students

Registration for Math 1241 (Fall semesters) and 2241 (Spring semesters) is restricted to CBS students. CBS students should be sure to check with their college advisor to make sure whether or not these courses meet their specific program requirements. Questions regarding registration to these courses should be sent via email the Undergraduate Mathematics Office

CSE Calculus Courses

MATH 1371 (Fall semesters), 1372, 2373, 2374 have priority seating for:

  • CSE students who have at least one currently active program in CSE.
  • Students, if space permits, who have previously completed or are currently enrolled in a CSE Calculus course may be considered for registration permission.
  • Email to check on permission availability.

Lower Level Honors Math Courses

To request registration permission for Math 1571H, 2573H or 3592H (Fall semesters); 1572H, 2574H or 3593H (Spring semesters) :

  • UHP students should contact their UHP Advisor
  • Non-UHP students should contact: The UHP Office 390 Northrop or for permission procedures.

Upper Level Honors Math Courses

For registration to Math 5285H, 5345H, 5615H (Fall Semesters) or 5286H, 5616H (Spring Semesters), contact the Undergraduate Mathematics Office.

How is registration permission requested for upper level honors courses?

  • Send an email from your UMNTC email account to
  • Include the 4-digit course number, section number, and term for the course plus your 7-digit UMNTC ID number and your full name.
  • State the reason for requesting this Honors Math course and note the semester when you completed its prerequisites.

 Who will always need to ask permission to register?

  • Any student who is not a math honors student (including graduate students).
  • Any student including a math honors student who is taking a 5xxx level honors math course for the first time.

How are requests processed?

Due to the difficulty of these courses, transcripts will be run and an evaluation will be made by a Math faculty adviser concerning the student's readiness for the honors math course requested. Thus, an immediate response is not possible

8XXX Graduate Level Math Courses

Questions regarding entrance into Fall or Spring semester 8xxx level Graduate Math courses should be directed by email to the Undergraduate Mathematics Office: Requests from undergraduate students are vetted through the Honors Math Advisor and the instructor of the 8xxx level Math course.

CLA Capstone plus Independent, Directed, and Special Projects