Capstone Course

Capstone (Senior Project) for BA-Mathematics

All CLA students earning a BA degree are required to complete a capstone (senior project). To satisfy this requirement, Math majors may choose either Math 4995 or 4997W. Students completing multiple BA majors may choose to complete their capstone requirement in another major. Students who are either completing a dual degree or completing the Math major as a second major are required to complete the Math capstone. BS Math majors may take MATH 4997W to satisfy the Upper-divison Writing Intensive in the Major liberal education requirement.

Students may choose their capstone mentor from the list of math faculty and postdoctoral mentors. Faculty members' area of research are included in the list so that students may select a capstone mentor whose area of research corresponds to the student's research topic.

Resources: Learn more about the Math capstone here. The Math Library offers an assignment calculator which includes helpful links and resources for students to use in preparation of the capstone and helps students stay on track to complete the capstone in a timely manner. Effective U's Capstone Tutorial offers project management tips to keep students on task and guide the process.

Capstone Registration: A section of MATH 4995/4997W will be created for you and your capstone mentor. Email with the following information:

  • UMN Student ID
  • Identify if you are doing the non-writing intensive MATH 4995 or the writing intensive MATH 4997W
  • forward capstone mentor's email showing agreement to work with you

The Undergraduate Mathematics Office will notify you to which section of the capstone course you should register. You must be registered for the course in order to earn credit. Be aware of registration deadlines to add a course.