A priority for our outreach initiatives is teaching people, especially young people, about the importance of chemistry in their lives. Our outreach programs and initiatives are designed

  • to spark people's interest in chemistry,
  • to help young people see themselves as future college students, researchers, professors, and science professionals,
  • to engage people in science that is fun, interesting, important, and something that, they, too, can do.

Chemists in the Classroom

Our chemistry graduate students talk about chemistry careers and conduct a variety of demonstrations and workshops for groups at the University, local schools, and in the community.

Energy & U

Our popular show about energy brings 10,000 3rd-6th grade students to the University each year for a dynamic show that includes music, dancing, loud explosions, bright flashes and flames, and the First Law of Thermodynamics. A partnership with the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance illustrates how the arts are perfect links with science, and provides professionalism to the show with sound, lighting, and graphics.

Cool Chemistry

This annual workshop provides 7th-8th grade girls with hands-on opportunities to explore the wonders of chemistry with women in our graduate program.

And there's more . . .

Our faculty and students volunteer bring science into the community with programs in libraries, schools, and other community settings such as centers, parks, and rural settings. Many of our student organizations are actively engaged in a variety of outreach activities.