Chemistry External Advisory Board

Pursuing enhancement strategies

We have formed a Chemistry External Advisory Board (CEAB) that 

  • advises us on academic, program, and strategic issues;
  • helps us with promotion and recognition; and
  • provides philanthropic support and assistance in seeking public and private financial support.

Contact information

Christy Haynes, Department of Chemistry Head
(612) 624-1880
139 Smith Hall
207 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Leading scientists in their fields

Members of the CEAB are leading scientists from a variety of industries, and many are University of Minnesota and Department of Chemistry alumni.

CEAB members

Timothy Abraham, Ph.D.
Timothy Abraham, Ph.D., Cargill
Anna Belu, Ph.D,
Anna Belu, Ph.D., Medtronic
Shawn Feist
Shawn D. Feist, The Dow Chemical Company
Daniel LeCloux, Ph.D.
Daniel LeCloux, Ph.D., Ecolab
Dani Schultz
Dani Schultz, Merck
Terrance Smith, Ph.D.
Terrance "Terry" Smith, Ph.D., 3M
Steve Vanderboom
Steve Vanderboom, Pace Analytical Service
Gregory Anderson, Ph.D.
Gregory Anderson, Ph.D., 3M
Arthur Coury, Ph.D.
Arthur Coury, Ph.D., Northeastern University  
Headshot photograph of Victoria Gelling

Victoria J. Gelling, Ph.D., Sherwin-Williams


Yong Li, Ph.D.
Yong Li, Ph.D., Eastman Chemical Company
Headshot of Karen Schultz

Karen A. Schultz, Ph.D., Boeing Research & Technology

Headshot photograph of David Stone

David Stone, Ph.D., PPG Industries


Janet Zuffa, Ph.D.
Janet Zuffa, Ph.D., Masonite Corporation




Tina Arrowood, Ph.D.
Tina Arrowood, Ph.D., DuPont Water Solutions
Robert DeMaster, Ph.D.
Robert DeMaster, Ph.D., 3M (retired), Suntava
michael kesti
Mike Kesti, 3M
Martin Rigney, Ph.D.
Martin Rigney, Ph.D., Ecolab (retired)
Headshot photograph of Donna Bossman

Donna Staarup Bossman, Ph.D., Trane Technologies

Steven Tinker, Ph.D.
Steven Tinker, Ph.D., SBC Industries