Orientation dates

August 24 to September 4, 2020

Schedule: Orientation schedule for all incoming students in fall semester.

You are expected to attend all events. Meals will be provided where indicated. All exams and meetings will be conducted in 331 Smith Hall, unless otherwise indicated. Three-Member Advising Committee meeting times and rooms will be given to you.

Proficiency exams

You are required to take four out of five proficiency exams during the first week of orientation. Five examinations are offered, including analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. You request which four exams you will be taking on the interest form sent via email. You must pass all four examinations some time during the first year of study.

Prepare for these exams now. The exams cover what the American Chemical Society defines as basic undergraduate chemistry. Use your undergraduate texts to review. With serious review of your past coursework, you should not have difficulty passing these proficiency exams. We require you to take these exams even if you took them as an undergraduate student.

Lab training

During the lab training you will meet other teaching assistants teaching your course; receive an overview of what kinds of experiments you will be instructing in the labs; go through check-in, safety, pre-lab talks, and teaching assistant meetings; and receive your teaching assistant assignments and schedules.

Three-member advising committee (TMC) meeting

At the first meeting, your Three-Member Committee (TMC) will help you determine the courses you will be registering for and other plans for completing your first-year requirements. After you meet with your TMC and determine the courses you will be taking, it is critical that you submit your schedule to the head teaching assistant as soon as possible.

International students

All new international students need to go to the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office, 190 Humphrey Center, for an Immigration Check-in. There is comprehensive information on the ISSS website. Questions? Send an email to isssnew@umn.edu.

Payroll Information Meeting

You must bring two forms of identification with you to the payroll information meeting. Forms of identification that may be used include your state identification card, drivers license, social security card, VISA, green card, and birth certificate. All payroll forms must be turned in to 141 Smith Hall no later than the first of orientation, or you may not be paid. 

Foreign National Students: Please bring all documentation with you, including employment authorization document (EAD) cards, letter of acceptance to the department, and any paperwork given to you during your International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) orientation.

Please visit MyU at www.hrss.umn.edu for more information about the University's payroll system.