Mentorship Program for Aspiring Chemistry Teachers (MPACT)

MPACT (pronounced "empact") is designed to provide additional teaching experience and guidance for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who are interested in an academic career at the college or university level.

MPACT mentees work with mentors and their classes. In general, each mentor meets regularly (approximately weekly) with the mentee to discuss the class, and to give the mentee the opportunity to present (approximately) two guest lectures during the semester, with the mentor observing to provide feedback. Mentees for lecture classes in general chemistry or organic chemistry usually lead a weekly ChemFoundations section (or a similar problem solving and discussion section) for students in their mentor's class who wish to participate. This regular involvement in the class also gives the mentor and mentee specific topics to discuss during their meetings throughout the semester. In the past, some mentors have also involved mentees in course media and curriculum development activities.

As a whole, the MPACT group meets about four times during the semester, to share experiences, discuss articles on chemistry pedagogy, and eat.

This is a volunteer activity for the mentor and mentee. Between the Fall 2009 and Fall 2023 semesters, 100 graduate students and 80 postdoctoral researchers have participated (or are currently participating) in the program, each working with one faculty mentor for a semester.