Guidance and Helpful Links for Current UMN Students

Image of several flasks with multicolor chemical liquids.

Are you a current or incoming UMN undergraduate student looking for general information about chemistry courses, placement, or student support? All the links you need, all in one place.

Placement & Transfers

Chemistry Course Placement Exam

CSE course placement requirements

Advanced Placement (AP) course awards

Credits awarded for transfer students or freshmen.

International Baccalaureate (IB) course awards

Credits awarded for IB students; see Math HL (higher-level).

Transfer credit evaluation

Transfer courses, including whether they meet Liberal Education Requirements, are evaluated by the Admissions Office.

Courses, Advising, & Enrollment


Class schedules for the current semester.

Advising Blog

Up-to-date info from the Chemistry Advising Team

Advising Appointments

Chemistry majors are not assigned an adviser, and are encouraged to make an appointment with whomever fits their schedule best.

Enrollment Question Form

Need help getting into a closed class or permission for an upper-division course? Submit your question to the above form.

Support for Students

Tutoring and Academic Success Center

The Tutoring and Academic Success Center hosts peer tutors and the Peer Research Consultants.

Student English Language Support

The Minnesota English Language Program offers free, face-to-face English as a Second Language help to international undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota.

Mental Health Resources


Academic Resources

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Documents for Undergraduates/Major

General Resources

General Resources

Drawing Structures

Drawing Structures

Periodic Table of the Elements

Periodic Table of the Elements

Poster Presentation Tips

Writing Papers

Writing Papers