Experiential learning

Invest in tomorrow’s scientists and engineers

Experiential learning opportunities boost student success and prepare them for life after graduation. By creating community, encouraging collaboration, and providing hands-on projects, student can apply what they've learned in the classroom to real-world projects.

Every College of Science and Engineering (CSE) student deserves the chance to apply their skills outside the classroom: 

  • Internships and co-ops bring students into the workplace
  • Research with faculty builds new competencies and fosters discovery.
  • Study abroad prepares students for the global marketplace.
  • CSE's first-year experience introduces students to creative experimentation.
  • Open student project spaces enable collaboration between disciplines.
  • Student groups like Engineers Without Borders and the Society of Women Engineers offer students in-depth engagement activities and foster leadership development.

Gifts for experiential learning will create more opportunities for CSE students to enrich their education, apply academic principles to hands-on projects, and be fully prepared for tomorrow's workforce.

Why support experiential learning

Your gifts to experiential learning:

  • Offer students more internships and leadership-building opportunities
  • Enable students to gain a global perspective through study abroad
  • Support more student research with faculty in state-of-the-science laboratories

To learn how your gifts impact experiential learning in the college, visit the impact on experiential learning web page.