Student support

Invest in the talent pipeline

Industry demand for a diverse pool of highly-qualified and competitive candidates continues to outpace the number of graduates who join the workforce each year. With a job placement rate of more than 90 percent, CSE is driven to expand its role as one of the most productive talent pipelines in the nation.

Gifts for scholarships will help CSE compete for high-performing students who are considering other institutions, and support them with significant financial need, to ensure that they are able to focus on their studies and take full advantage of their college experience. Students from middle-income families make up a large percentage of those who graduate with significant debt.

Learn more on the establishing a CSE scholarship web page.

New funding for fellowships will attract the best and brightest graduate students, who infuse faculty research with fresh ideas and create new knowledge in their own research.

Learn more on the establishing a CSE fellowship web page.

Why invest in students

Your gifts to students:

  • Fund undergraduate scholarships that are need and merit-based
  • Establish diversity scholarships for underrepresented students
  • Create graduate fellowships to compete for top talent
  • Elevate academic programming to enhance educational excellence

To learn how your gifts impact students, visit the impact on students web page.