Impact on students

Meet some of our students:

Scholarships encourage transfer student to solve renewable energy

Headshot of Mbathio Diagne

Mbathio Diagne, who came to the United States from Dakar, Senegal, hopes to use her electrical engineering degree to solve the world's grand challenge of renewable energy. Read Mbathio Diagne's story.

Mathematics student succeeds with physical challenges and scholarship

Headshot of Deandra Bardell

Deandra Bardell, mathematics student from Fridley, Minn., hopes to use her math skills in a technical field despite suffering from cerebral palsy. Read Deandra Bardell's story.

Scholarship helps student focus on career of providing clean water worldwide

Henry Croll smiling with two children while abroad

Henry Croll, a civil engineering major from Eagan, Minn., hopes to not only make an impact in his community but to make an impact worldwide. Read Henry Croll's story.

Grad student works to build better electronics

Harrison Frisk with electronics

Harrison Frisk, a graduate student in chemical physics, is examining the 2D nature of new monolayer-based electronic materials that could be used to build faster, smaller, and more efficient electronic devices. Read Harrison Frisk's story.

Scholarship helped student be the first to attend college

Headshot of Azira Rivera

Azira Rivera, mathematics student from Colorado Springs, Colo., was the first in her family to attend college. Read Azira Rivera's story.

Scholarship allows student to follow his dreams and make a difference

Anant Naik posing outside

Anant Naik, a biomedical engineering student, aspires to use his biomedical engineering background to discover new and affordable ways to address neurodegenerative diseases. Read Anant Naik's story.