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Crossword Solution


3 — CSE’s longest serving dean (1949-1967): SPILHAUS

6 — In 1896 an early incarnation of CSE was named “The College of Engineering and the __________” (2 words): MECHANIC ARTS

7 — In 1922 Edward Davis perfected the process of refining this ore, abundant in MN’s Iron Range: TACONITE

8 — CSE Nickname of seat belt inventor James J. Ryan: CRASH

10 — The current dean of CSE is Professor Andrew: ALLEYNE


1 — Faculty spouses known for pioneering work in balloon aeronautics: PICCARD

2 — The former name of CSE’s undergraduate home, Lind Hall: MAIN ENGINEERING

4 — In 1935 the College of Engineering and Architecture, the School of Chemistry, and the School of Mines and Metallurgy came together to become the Institute of: TECHNOLOGY

5 — The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory was originally named “The St. Anthony Falls __________ Laboratory”: HYDRAULIC

9 — 1957 inventor of the first battery-powered pacemaker: BAKKEN