John Dickey

John Dickey

John Dickey

Professor Emeritus, School of Physics and Astronomy



Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics (MIfA)


Ph.D., Cornell University, 1997 

M.S., Cornell University, 1974 

B.S., Stanford University, 1972

Professional Background

    • Emeritus Professor 2004-present
    • Professor, 1990-2004
    • Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, 1985-1990
    • Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, 1982-1985
  • Professor and Head of School, Physical Sciences, University of Tasmania, 2014-present
  • Professor and Head of School, Mathematics and Physics, University of Tasmania, 2009-2013
  • Professor and Head of Discipline, Physics, University of Tasmania, 2004-2009


Polarization of the Galactic non-thermal background; 21-cm Survey of the Southern Milky Way using the ATNF; 21-cm absorption through the Magellanic Clouds; 21-cm emission survey of the Hercules Cluster.

Research Interests

Radio Spectroscopy of the Milky Way and other galaxies. Research Web Page

Research Group
IAU Commission 5

Honors and Awards

  • Sabbatical Fellowship, Australia Telescope National Facility, 1996
  • University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, Outstanding Teacher Award, 1990
  • Sabbatical Fellowship, Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy, 1988
  • Sabbatical Fellowship, Bush Foundation, 1988
  • University of Minnesota Student Alumni Association Teaching Award, 1987
  • University of Minnesota Award for Outstanding Service to Students, 1986

Selected Publications

  1. Whitney, B.A., Indebetouw, R., Babler, B.L., Meade, M.R., Watson, C., et al., “A Glimpse of Star Formation in the Giant H II Region RCW 49”, Ap. J. Supp [abstract]
  2. Mercer, E.P., Clemens, D.P., Bania, T.M., Jackson, J.M., et al., Discovery of a Distant Star Formation Region using GLIMPSE", Ap.J. Supp [abstract]