This artist’s impression shows two inspiralling neutron stars shortly before their collision

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The XMM-Newton space telescope, shown in an artistic rendering, that detected the X-ray emission from nearby neutron stars.

Excess x-rays from neutron stars could lead to discovery of new particle

January 12, 2021
A team of scientists has found that mysterious x-rays detected from nearby neutron stars may be the first evidence of axions, hypothetical particles that many physicists believe make up dark matter.
Cecil J. Waddington

Remembering Cecil “Jake” Waddington, 1929-2020

October 21, 2020
Emeritus Professor Jake Waddington of the School of Physics and Astronomy passed away on October 1, 2020. He was 91 years old.
Bob Pepin (man with gray hair and mustache standing in front of trees)

AGU Honors Pepin’s Distinguished Career in Planetary Science

October 1, 2020
Professor Emeritus Robert Pepin of the School of Physics and Astronomy will receive the 2020 Fred Whipple Award from the American Geophysical Union (AGU).


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