Artist's concept of a supermassive black hole and its surrounding disk of gas. Embedded within this disk are two smaller black holes orbiting one another.

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Gas being stripped from a giant star to form an accretion disc around a compact companion (such as a white dwarf star).

‘Underappreciated’ Stars Lay a Claim to Our Cosmic Ancestry

June 1, 2020
“The catastrophic ends of some stars are the origins of many life-sustaining elements, such as carbon, oxygen, and the iron in our blood,” said University of Minnesota researcher Chick Woodward, PhD
Left: graph showing a recent spike in activity on Zooniverse. Right: Lucy Fortson

Zooniverse Experiences Quarantine Surge

May 26, 2020
School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Lucy Fortson says that all the increased activity on Zooniverse research problems means that they are getting completed more quickly than expected.
Cynthia Cattell

Cattell named CSE Distinguished Professor

May 8, 2020
Cynthia Cattell has been named as a College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Distinguished Professor.


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