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MIfA Graduate Student received honorable mention for the Rodger Doxsey Travel Prize

December 20, 2021
Cody Carr was voted into the top five out of 116 contestants.
Lindsay Glesener, Solar Jet Hunter logo, Zooniverse Logo, Lucy Fortson

UMN solar astrophysics research to get a boost from citizen science

December 9, 2021
The latest Zooniverse citizen science project called “Solar Jet Hunter” will help benefit a small research team led by members of the School of Physics and Astronomy: former postdoctoral researcher
Charles E. Woodward

Woodward part of research team that captures unique images of Io’s volcanoes

December 7, 2021
Jupiter’s moon, Io, is one of the most volcanically active bodies in the solar system and yet, scientists have not been able to capture detailed images of volcanism and lava flows regularly.


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Photo credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Leroy, K.S. Long