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Small Satellites team

Local team selected by Air Force for space launch

September 9, 2021
A team from the University of Minnesota Small Satellite Laboratory was selected in a competition to be one of three teams to have their small instrument, a cubesat, launched into space.
Illustration of the explosion of Eta Carinae

Most powerful star in our part of the galaxy emerges from two centuries of disruption

June 7, 2021
Professor Emerita Roberta Humphreys of the School of Physics and Astronomy was a part of the team that made this discovery.
Claudia Scarlata Headshot

Dr. Claudia Scarlata promoted to the rank of Professor

May 17, 2021
She was promoted from the position of Associate Professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy.


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Upcoming Events

The next MIfA Public Lecture will be presented in Fall 2021 by Professor Michael Coughlin

Merging Neutron Stars

Date: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 from 7 PM-8 PM

Venue: Coffman Memorial Union Theater (We will be broadcasting through Zoom as well)

New Science from Merging Neutron Stars

From the generation of gold to the expansion rate of the Universe: With the detection of compact binary coalescences and their electromagnetic counterparts by gravitational-wave detectors, a new era of multi-messenger astronomy has begun. In this talk, Professor Coughlin will describe how GW170817, our first example in this new class, is being used to study a diverse variety of dense matter in the Universe and how fast the Universe is expanding. He will then discuss how we are using telescopes to look for more of them and developing models to test what we find. Professor Coughlin will close with future prospects for this new field.

Registration: In-person                     Registration: Zoom

Fall 2021 Universe @ Home events TBD. Past events can be watched on the Universe @ Home Youtube Channel.

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Photo credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Leroy, K.S. Long