Astronomy Links


Astronomy Magazine Cover

Astronomy Magazine

It includes science reports, sky-event coverage, observing tips, telescope reviews, etc.

Sky & Telescope Cover

Sky and Telescope

It is a monthly periodical with articles for amateur and backyard astronomers.


Astro Club UMN

Astro Club UMN

The club organizes game nights, astronomy trivia, stargazing nights, and outreach events for its members.

The Minnesota Astronomical Society Logo

The Minnesota Astronomical Society

The society organizes various meetings and events and is perfect for amateur astronomers looking to get involved. 

The American Astronomical Society Logo

The American Astronomical Society

The society is a major organization of professional astronomers in North America.



It is an international student organization that provides opportunities for networking and participating in competitions and conferences. 


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day

It is a website maintained by NASA and MTU.

Hubble Space Telescope


This website provides a lot of information along with images by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Museum & Planetarium

Bell Museum

Bell Museum

It's Minnesota’s official natural history museum. Explore the origins of the universe, the diversity of life on earth, and take a walk through the state of Minnesota, featuring their world-famous wildlife dioramas.

Bell Museum Planetarium

Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium

Tour the cosmos and beyond in this planetarium. Learn about outer space, your view of the sky from Minnesota—or brains!


NASA STEM Engagement

NASA STEM Engagement

The website provides STEM-related links and activities to increase students' interest in space and exploration.

NASA at Home

NASA at Home

Virtual Tours and Apps.

Viewing the Night Sky

Astronomy Guide 2021-2022

Astronomy Guide & Events Calendar 2021-2022

This is an amazing guide to help plan ahead for all of the best stargazing and astronomical events of 2021-2022.

The Sky This Week

The Sky This Week

Hosted by the USNO, it provides suggestions on objects to search for in the night sky.

Telescopes, Astrophotography, Reviews and more...

Astronomy for Beginners Logo

Astronomy for Beginners

It is a great resource for amateur astronomers.

The website has reviews, recommendations, guides and educational content for people starting out with astronomy, astrophotography, and more.

Night Sky Gazing logo (a little telescope on the left followed by Night Sky Gazing written in blue)

Night Sky Gazing

This website helps people to get into amateur astronomy. It describes easy targets for observations, explains telescope types and characteristics, and helps to make the first steps in astrophotography.