The galaxy NGC 2403, also known as Caldwell 7.

Astrophysics Undergraduate Program

Students in the Astrophysics Undergraduate Program at the University of Minnesota find a challenging, yet personal environment, where they can prepare themselves for careers in research, teaching, and other scientific areas. They receive a rigorous foundation in astronomy and physics, while working closely with internationally respected faculty on the most important astrophysical research problems of the day. Students and faculty make use of the excellent observational, laboratory, and computational facilities in the department as well as national and international observatories.

Watch Jessica Ni, Astrophysics and Physics double major, talk about her experience at the University of Minnesota:


Here's what some of our undergraduate students have to say about MIfA:

Meredith Wieber

"One thing I admire about MIfA is the willingness of professors to engage with undergrads. Since it is a smaller department, there are many opportunities for undergrad research in a wide variety of fields. I've been able to participate in several different areas of research in order to help determine which subset of astrophysics I am most interested in!"

-Meredith Wieber

Trenton Kenney

When I transferred from a local community college to the UMN, I was not sure what to expect. I was worried that the support and relationships with faculty I obtained from a small community college would not be found at a large university. I was happily mistaken with my introduction to MIfA. Not only have I been able to build strong and supportive relationships with my professors, but the students really know how to come together and support each other through this cosmic journey. If you dream of exploring and understanding the wonders of the universe, look no further. Here you will find faculty full of passion, care and drive. My experience through MIfA has not only challenged me and made me a better student but has given me the tools and resources to start my career. MIfA has been a cornerstone to my success both as a current NASA intern and an academic student. 

-Trenton Kenney

"The Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics is a fantastic resource for those interested in the field. From seminars and colloquium to information about majors and other news and resources, MIfA can help you find valuable information and spark your curiosity!"

-Cole Panzer


Director of Undergraduate Studies   
Liliya L. R. Williams
Undergraduate Advisor
Robert Gehrz