Mount Lemmon Observing Facility

The Mount Lemmon Observatory, the facility which houses the U of M's Mount Lemmon Observing Facility.

The Mount Lemmon Observing Facility (MLOF) was built in 1970 and is located near Tuscon, AZ. After the success of the O'Brien Observatory in Minnesota, Wayne Stein, Fred Gillett, Nick Woolf, and Ed Ney sought to build a larger, infrared-optimized telescope, and place it in a dry, high-altitude location. Bob Gehrz led the enterprise of surveying various locations, and ultimately, Mount Lemmon was settled upon because of its proximity to existing University of Arizona facilities. MLOF is home to a 60-inch, f/15, infrared-optimized Dahl-Kirkham Cassagrain telescope. For its first 19 years, the telescope had to be operated manually, but in 1989, it was modified by Gehrz and Terry J. Jones to be completely automated under computer control with the capability of being remotely operated by observers anywhere in the world using a phone modem.

Early Observations and Discoveries at MLOF