Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

Large Binocular Telescope

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program is a source of funds for the support of upper division majors in CSE engaged in research within an academic department. Astrophysics majors have been very successful in the past at obtaining UROP funds. Applications are solicited twice a year. Refer to the Undergraduate Research website for more information. The student is responsible for initiating the UROP application process. A quick guideline is as follows:

  1. Decide to apply for a UROP. Contact the faculty member you want to work with and discuss the prospects.
  2. Get an application and in consultation with the faculty member, develop the proposal for the research. Faculty input is important at this point to develop a polished proposal.
  3. Settle on a budget, preferably with an equal match from the faculty member’s research grant.
  4. Send in the application.

Questions regarding UROP may be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Research at urop@umn.edu.