Large Binocular Telescope (LBT)

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Thanks to a generous donation from Stanley Hubbard of Hubbard Broadcasting Corporation and continued support for the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics is a member of the LBT consortium. As part of our arrangement with the LBT Observatory and the University of Arizona/Steward Observatory, we also have access to the Steward telescopes including the MMT Observatory, Bok 90-inch on Kitt Peak, and the Magellan Telescopes.

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Mount Lemmon Observing Facility

The Mount Lemmon Observatory, the facility which houses the U of M's Mount Lemmon Observing Facility.

The Mount Lemmon Observing Facility (MLOF) is a facility near Tucson, AZ, owned and operated by the University of Minnesota. MLOF is home to a 60", f/15, infrared optimized Cassagrain (Dahl-Kirkham) telescope, which was opened in December 1970.

William O'Brien Observatory

The William O'Brien Observatory in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota.

The William O'Brien Observatory (OBO) is a facility in Marine-on-St. Croix, MN, owned and operated by the University of Minnesota. OBO a 30", f/10, Cassagrain telescope, opened in the spring of 1968.