Information for recent CSE graduates

Wear CSE-branded clothing

Show your college pride! You can buy everything from T-shirts to caps—shop now at the CSE Online Store.

Stay in touch

  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date—so you always know what's happening at CSE. Update your contact info here.
  • Join the CSE LinkedIn group to expand your network.
  • Join the CSE Alumni Society Board: Help develop events, volunteer opportunities, and educational programs for CSE alumni of all ages and serve as an advisor to the Dean on alumni matters.

Find the U wherever you go

There are 70 alumni chapters around the globe so you can connect with other Gophers wherever you go—even in your neighborhood! Did you know there are more than 435,000 University of Minnesota alumni? Yes, we're everywhere. Learn more at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association website.

Take advantage of benefits

  • Join the Maroon and Gold Network: This free career and networking resource syncs with preexisting LinkedIn profiles and has powerful search options that allow you to find alumni who share career interests. You can browse by industry, college, major, degree type, employer, and geographic location. You can also share your expertise and help other CSE alumni on specific topics. Learn more at the Maroon and Gold Network website.
  • Lifetime email address: As a graduate, you have lifetime access to your U of M email address, just make sure you login through the portal once every 3 months to keep your account active.
  • Handshake job database: CSE alumni also have access to Handshake, the University’s online job posting database. For more information visit the Handshake website.

Attend an event

  • Educational and social events: CSE and its departments host a wide range of in-person and virtual events throughout the year, including public lectures, faculty research presentations, facility tours, social events to connect with other alumni, reunions, and more.  For more information on college events, visit our CSE Events Calendar.
  • Homecoming: CSE and its departments host a variety of homecoming activities each fall. Watch your email for more information! (To make sure we have your most current email address, update your contact info here.)

Become a mentor

Each year, the CSE Mentor Program matches more than 200 students with industry professionals. Our program is one of the largest mentor programs at the University of Minnesota, and we expanded even further by including the Actuary Mentor Program as part of the CSE Mentor Program. The program runs October–April. Visit our CSE Mentor Program webpage for more information and registration forms.