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What can I do with a major in Earth Science?


  • Civil engineering
  • Economic geology
  • Environmental
  • Government agencies
  • Mineral energy
  • Mining
  • Oil/petroleum
  • Paleontology
  • Physiography
  • Structural/subsurface geology
  • Text and map publishers


  • Antea Group
  • Applied Engineering, Inc.
  • Barr Engineering
  • Bay West LLC
  • Braun Intertec Corp.
  • ExxonMobil
  • MN Dept. of Natural Resources
  • MN Pollution Control Agency
  • National Park Service
  • Summit Envirosolutions
  • Washington Conservation Distr.
  • WSP Global


  • ChemDraw
  • Excel
  • GIS
  • LoggerPro
  • Mathematica


  • Economic geologist: Explores and develops metallic and nonmetallic resources. Economic geologists study mineral deposits and find environmentally safe ways to dispose of waste materials from mining activities.
  • Environmental geologist: Studies the interaction between the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and human activities. Environmental geologists work to solve problems associated with pollution, waste management, urbanization, and natural hazards, such as flooding and erosion.
  • Field geologist: Investigates the structure and evolution of the earth and its natural resources to survey land and draw up safe building plans.
  • Mineralogist: Studies mineral formation, composition, and properties.
  • Paleontologist: Studies fossils to learn about life in prehistoric times.
  • Petroleum scientist: Searches for and develops oil and natural gas resources.
  • Petrologist: Takes observational, chemical, and physical data and uses it to develop theories on the origin of rocks.
  • Seismologist: Studies earthquakes, including how they form and their patterns. Seismologists interpret the structure of the earth through the study of earthquakes, and predict when earthquakes will occur.
  • Soil scientist: Studies soil and deals with agricultural issues and solutions.
  • Volcanologist: Studies and researches volcanoes, including predicting when the next eruptions will occur.

**Some of these positions may require an advanced degree.


  • Active Energy Club
  • CSE K-12 Outreach
  • CSE Ambassadors
  • CSE International Ambassadors
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Plumb Bob Honorary Leadership Society
  • Science and Engineering Student Board
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Solar Vehicle Project
  • Tau Beta Pi
  • TeslaWorks
  • University of Minnesota Geological Society