Data Science Four-Year Plan

Revised 01/2021

Bold: only offered in indicated semester
Italic: course pre-requisites and co-requisites (designated by &)
UD: must be admitted to the major prior to enrollment
◊: courses required for admission to this major
+: DSci technical elective options are listed on the APAS report and on the departmental website. A minimum of 18 credits is needed to complete the requirements.
±: second science requirement may be fulfilled with Chem 1061/65, Phys 1302W, ESci 2201, Psy 3011, or GCD 3022.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Math 1371 Calculus I (placement or pre-req) [4cr]
2nd Science Requirement± (Chem 1061/65) or Physics Requirement (Phys 1301W) Liberal Education course [3 or 4cr]
Liberal Education course or Writ 1301 [3 or 4cr]
CSE 1001 First Year Experience [1cr]

Spring Semester

◊ Math 1372 Calculus II (1371) [4cr]
Physics Requirement (Phys 1301W) or 2nd Science Requirement± (whichever not already completed)
◊ CSci 1133 Intro to Computing & Programming Concepts (&Math 1371) [4cr]
Liberal Education course or Writ 1301 [3 or 4cr]

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Math 2374 Multivariable Calculus (Math 1372) [4cr]
◊ Stat 3021 Intro to Probability & Statistics (Math 1372) [3cr]
◊ CSci 2081 Intro to Software Development & Data Structures (1133) [4cr]
Liberal Education course [3 or 4cr]

Spring Semester

CSci 2033 Computational Linear Algebra (1133, Math 1371) [4cr]
Csci 3041 Intro to Discrete  Structures & Algorithms (2081) [4cr]
CSci 3061 Intro to Systems & Systems Programming (2081) [4cr]
Stat 3301 Regression & Statistical Computing (3021, CSci 1133, &2033) [4cr]

Junior Year

Fall Semester

IE 3013 Optimization for Machine Learning (Math 2374, CSci 2033, Stat 3021) [4cr]
CSci 4707 Practice of Database Systems (3041 or 4041) [3cr]
Stat 4051 Applied Statistics I (3301) [4cr]
Writ 3562W Technical & Professional Writing [4cr]

Spring Semester

Machine Learning/Data Mining/Statistical Learning choose from: CSci 5521, 5523, or Stat 4052 (course specific) [3 or 4cr]
Theory of Statistics I choose from: Stat 5101 or Math 5651 (course specific) [4cr]
Technical Elective+ [3 or 4cr]
Liberal Education course [3 or 4cr]

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Stat 5102 Theory of Statistics II (5101 or Math 5651) [4cr]
IE 5533 Operations Research for Data Science (CSci 2033, Stat 3021) [3cr]
Technical Elective+ [3 or 4cr]
Technical Elective+ [3 or 4cr]
Liberal Education course [3 or 4cr]

Spring Semester

DSci 4093 Senior Project (UD, Csci 4707, IE 3013, Stat 4051) [4cr]
Technical Elective+ [3 or 4cr]
Technical Elective+ [3 or 4cr]
Technical Elective [3 or 4cr]

Total Credits Needed for Degree: 120

Additional Information

The APAS is the official method for tracking completion of your specific degree requirements. This plan is not a contract and curriculum can change.

Applying to a major:

Courses required for admission to this major: Math 1372, CSci 1133, CSci 2081, Stat 3021

All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Department Contact Information • 612-625-4002 • Keller Hall 4-192
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Jaideep Srivastava;
Departmental Advisors: Jacquelyn Burt, Josie Kahlenbeck, & Kelly Thomas;
Office Hours: or

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What can I do with a major in Data Science?

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University Degree Requirements

All students must complete the following requirements. Requirements with an (*) will be fulfilled by taking courses at UM-TC required for this major.

Writing Requirements

University Writing:

  • Writ 1301/1401 or equivalent

Writing Intensive (WI):

  • Two: 1xxx or 2xxx level *
  • One: 3/4/5xxx level (in major)*
  • One: 3/4/5xxx level (any dept.)*

Liberal Education


  • Biological Sciences w/Lab
  • Physical Sciences w/Lab*
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts/Humanities
  • Literature
  • Mathematical Thinking*

Themes (choose 4 of 5):

  • Civic Life and Ethics
  • Diversity and Social Justice in the US
  • The Environment
  • Global Perspectives
  • Technology & Society