Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase

The 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Leadership Showcase awards recognize the many DEI-focused student contributions in the areas of student advocacy, volunteer work, and engagement that have a positive impact on CSE, the University, and the Twin Cities communities through DEI initiatives.

Event highlights

The goal of this program is to highlight the many campus contributions of individuals who actively contribute to a positive and more equitable College of Science and and Engineering climate through diversity, equity, and inclusion events, programming, and volunteer work.

In addition to celebrating scholarship recipients, and award recipients and their nominators, the event is an excellent opportunity to network with: 

  • Industry professionals
  • Student representatives from various STEM identity-based organizations 
  • University of Minnesota and College of Science and Engineering professionals

2022 award recipients

CSE undergraduates

CSE Engagement Award
This award recognizes a CSE undergraduate student who has consistently engaged with DEI efforts in pursuit of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate within the College of Science and Engineering.

  • Yukino Nakamura
    Yukino is recognized as a significant contributor to their department's DEI work serving in a leadership role and founding new opportunities for her peers to engage in conversations around DEI topics.

*Finalists: Allison Graper, Pauly Soulia

CSE Impact Award
This award recognizes a CSE undergraduate student who has made a lasting impact in pursuit of a more diverse, equitable, and/or inclusive climate within the College of Science and Engineering.

  • Michelle Quan
    Michelle is recognized as a student committed to making the University better through close engagement with their department's DEI work group to make the department more welcoming to women and people of color. Michelle has organized workshops to confront anti-Asian racism, assisted in creating an emergency fund for students in their department, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to support others. Michelle is identified as courageous, brave, and unwavering in their desire to ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment.

CSE Leadership Award
This award recognizes a CSE undergraduate student who has exercised their leadership in pursuit of a more diverse, equitable, and/or inclusive climate within the College of Science and Engineering.

  • Matthew Croft
    Matthew is recognized as an advocate; activist; and champion of empathy, equity, and inclusion with a focus on improving learning for all students.
  • Lauren Hagen
    Lauren is recognized as a leader who focuses on gender and sexuality equity. Responsible for organizing and coordinating events supporting LGBTQIA+ students campuswide, Lauren has dedicated a great deal of time and effort toward creating a more inclusive and diverse environment for individuals who might not otherwise see themselves represented.

*Finalists: Preeti Pidatala, Jeffy Jeffy, Isabel Patrick Pacheco 

CSE and non-CSE STEM undergraduates

First Generation Undergraduate STEM Student of the Year Award
This award recognizes an outstanding undergraduate student whose parents/guardians do not hold a college degree.

  • Ann Nguyen
    Ann is a teaching assistant, mentor, and community builder, who finds connections with like-identified students and offers support for fellow CSE students. Ann is recognized for welcoming new students, and providing personal attention to all students and thoughtfulness to their role in the classroom.

*Finalist: Ulises Perez

Undergraduate DEI Achievement Award
This award recognizes an undergraduate student who has a specific achievement they would like to highlight related to diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus.

  • Tatem Rios
    Tatem is recognized as a passionate student and advocate whose accomplishments include numerous experiences in outreach and mentoring. Tatem has worked directly with department leadership to advocate for themself and classmates to ensure that students have the resources they need to complete their degree.

*Finalists: Nadeen Zaza, Linnae Johansson

STEM Role Model of the Year Award
This award recognizes an undergraduate student who has served in either an official or unofficial capacity as a mentor, role model, or guide to the University of Minnesota community.

  • Asha Suvarna
    Asha is recognized for their involvement is a wide variety of campus activities and spending their free time to make CSE a better place. Asha is active on their department's DEI committee generating new ideas, planning, and encouraging others to participate. Asha's nominator recognized them as a role model for many department undergraduates.

*Finalists: Sarah Kinney, Sadhika Prabhu

STEM Identity-Based Student Organization of the Year
This award recognizes a STEM Identity-Based student organization (registered student organization or campus life program) that has performed above and beyond in the current academic year.

  • Alpha Sigma Kappa—Women in Technical Studies
    Alpha Sigma Kappa is recognized for offering a community of women, trans-feminine, non-binary, and gender-fluid folks to connect with others in technical/STEM majors. The group has made specific efforts to educate members about various STEM accomplishments of BIPOC people and groups; document and practice inclusivity as a group and as individuals; and provide resources addressing implicit bias, ableism, and respect for others.

CSE staff and postdoctoral researchers

Staff/Postdoc Achievement Award
This award recognizes a staff member or postdoc that is making important contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their unit within CSE. This award will be presented by the CSE D&I Alliance. The 2022 recipients are:

  • Ken Rosen
    Ken is recognized for their work in establishing and organizing the Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) Inspire Conference that connects high school students to biomedical professionals who give TED-like talks about their roles, why they pursued their professions, and pathways they took to get where they are today. A significant portion of participants have been students of color, and more than 70 percent identify as female. Conference organizers have focused on recruiting speakers who share these demographics with students.
  • Gabriela Ines Delisle Diaz
    Gabriela is recognized for their work to make their department accountable to Indigenous people. Gabriela also led a three-day departmental workshop that led to a Statement of Intent and a list of actionable commitments for more ethical and accountable work. This spring, Gabriela is working with the departments' Confronting Colonization community to create a resource guide that includes material on Indigenous sovereignty and ethical research practices on Indigenous lands.
  • Anisha Vereen
    Anisha is recognized as a crucial member of their department's DEI working group and their efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive departments for students and faculty of diverse backgrounds. Anisha's work is focused on spreading awareness about different cultures within the department and provide a safe outlet for diverse people to share their experiences.