Student receives enriched college experience with the help of scholarship

Have you ever watched the University of Minnesota Marching Band and wondered who the man running around and directing the players really is behind that ornate uniform?

His name is Robert Rudin, and he actually doubles as a proud College of Science and Engineering student when he isn’t leading the band and performing. While the senior drum major admits that the opportunities and sense of community provided by the Marching Band are uncontested by any other activity, his career aspirations lie outside of the music field.

A recipient of the 3M/Coleman Family Foundation scholarship, Rudin studies civil engineering and chemistry with the goal of working in the environmental and public health fields. His dream is to use his degree to better the quality of environments and communities in order to positively impact wide varieties of people both locally and around the world.

“I envision working somewhere where I am able to perform a more research-based role and develop new ideas,” Rudin specifies.

For this reason, he is considering the option of pursuing graduate school in some form of civil engineering to further his experience in the field.

“I have a never-ending desire to learn,” Rudin continues, “and graduate school will hopefully fulfill the dreams of expanding my knowledge in order to better serve the community and the world.”

In addition to taking on the academic rigors of being a CSE student and the time commitment of Marching Band, Rudin is also involved in the Quidditch Club, the Swing Dancing Club, and other university music ensembles. Above all else, he is grateful to his scholarship donors for aiding in a college education that is complimented by so many augmenting experiences and possibilities.

“This scholarship has provided me with greater financial stability allowing me to focus on my education and investing my time in enriching my college experience through clubs, groups, and organizations.”

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