Student benefits from charitable IRA rollover

Support from generous donors enables student to follow passions

There are many ways to support the University of Minnesota with your year-end charitable contributions. One way is through a charitable IRA rollover. A law made permanent in 2015 by Congress enables donors to contribute up to $100,000 annually from an IRA account to your favorite charitable institutions, including the College of Science and Engineering.

Donors, age 70-1/2 and older, can now instruct their IRA administrators to make a distribution directly to the college and exclude the amount of the gift from their gross income for federal tax purposes. With their charitable IRA rollover, Wendy and Chani Sra (Mineral Eng M.S. ’70) created the Wendy and Chani Sra Student Scholarship Fund.

Read about Emily Hindal, the first recipient, below.

Meet Emily Hindal

Hometown: Rochester, Minn.

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering senior

Wendy and Chani Sra Scholarship recipient

What sparked your interest in science and engineering?

I have loved math my whole life. It just makes sense to me. I also really enjoy learning about how things work so that’s why I chose to go the engineering route.

Why did you choose to attend the University of Minnesota?

I chose the University of Minnesota primarily because of the many opportunities to discover new things, whether it is for my career or for life in general.

Why did you choose to major in industrial and systems engineering?

The reason I chose my major is because industrial and systems engineering is all about making things work the best way possible and that’s how I like to live my every day life.

What has been the impact of the scholarship you received?

Receiving the Sra Scholarship has shown me that hard work pays off. It also drives me to continue the good work I started in high school. I want to say “thank you” to Wendy and Chani Sra for believing in me and offering me this generous scholarship.

Learn how you can support other students like Emily by making the most of your year-end giving with a charitable IRA rollover.