Future transfer students

We value your contributions to the college, and we're here to help you reach your academic and personal goals.

Get your questions answered

Find answers to frequently asked questions by transfer students.

Plan your transfer

Review the four-year plan for your major to see the best time to transfer, taking into consideration the course prerequisites and sequences.

Course equivalencies

You should take certain courses before transferring, including at least the first year of technical courses. See the transfer course plans for two and four-year schools around the country. If your institution is not included, talk with your CSE transfer admissions counselor.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

If you are transferring from a Minnesota state university, community college, or technical college, the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum will simplify the process of transferring liberal and general education credits. See the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum website for information on transferring credits.

Liberal-education courses

Review the University’s Liberal Education Course Transfer Guides. If your college or university is not included, contact the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions.

Technical courses

See the database of technical course equivalency guides for colleges and universities across the country. Technical courses in which you earned a D or lower do not transfer to meet degree requirements.

If your college or university or coursework is not included, follow the steps listed on the Transfer Credit Evaluation web page.

Transfer admission requirements

For a listing of deadlines and minimum course prerequisites by major, visit the transfer admission requirements page on the Admissions website.

Visit campus

Campus tours for prospective transfer students are available most weekdays through the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions. To schedule your visit, call 612-625-0000 or visit the Admissions website.


Applications for new transfer students are available online through the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions.

Transfer within the University of Minnesota

Current University of Minnesota students can apply for transfer to CSE as an inter-college transfer (within the Twin Cities campus) or as an intra-University transfer (from the Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester campuses). Find more information about transferring within the University.