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Architecture in Madrid, Spain
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About the location

Study at the engineering school of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, a medium-sized, hands-on campus in the heart of Madrid. The Universidad Pontificia Comillas was founded in 1890 and is one of 90 Jesuit universities around the world. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city with more than four million inhabitants. It is the site of the Spanish government and is the most important financial and cultural center in the country.

The cultural, leisure, and sports offerings are rich and varied. It has countless theaters and museums, such as the "El Prado" National Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the Queen Sofía Center for the Arts. Monuments, exhibits, and concert halls dot the city, and there are more than 43 parks and emblematic green areas such as the Retiro Park, the "Casa de Campo" Recreational Park, and the Sabatini Gardens.


Comillas offers commonly needed second year science and engineering coursework in English through its Study Abroad Program for International ENgineering Students (SAPIENS) program.

Upper-division engineering courses are offered, but many are in Spanish. Students may enroll in courses at Comillas's ICAI School of Engineering where most classes are in Spanish and English.  Check out what ICAI courses are offered. Note that ICAI courses calendar and exams differ from SAPIENS.

Standard full-time is 30 ECTS/semester (15 US credits). Postgraduate courses may be available with permission.

Examples of some UMN courses that have equivalents at Comillas SAPIENS and are taught in English:

  • MATH 2263 Multivariable Calculus (DMA-SAP-241 Multivariable Calculus) - Offered Fall
  • STAT 3021 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (DOI-SAP-303 Engineering Statistics) - Offered Spring
  • PHYS 2303 Physics III: MatterPhysics (DIM-SAP-232 Quantum Physics) - Offered Spring
  • ME 3331 Thermodynamics (DIM-SAP-336 Engineering Thermodynamics) - Offered Fall or Spring
  • ME 3332 Fluid Mechanics (DIM-SAP-353 Engineering Fluid Mechanics) - Offered Spring
  • EE3005/6 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering & Laboratory (DEA-SAP-235 Introduction to Electric and Electronic Circuits) - Offered Spring
  • AEM 2012 Dynamics (DIM-SAP-233 Introduction to Dynamics) - Offered Spring
  • AEM 2011 Statics (DIM-SAP-211 Introduction to Statics) - Offered Fall

Always double check the the updated course availability on the Comillas website.

Courses with passing final grades from CSE exchange partners transfer back as transfer credit on the official UMN transcript. Transfer credit does not affect overall GPA.    

Begin your academic by visiting the CSE Learn Abroad website. Work with the CSE International Programs team, your academic adviser, and your department to create an academic plan that works for you.

Research projects supervised by professors and researchers of the ICAI School of Engineering may be possible.

View a sample academic plan that includes study at Comillas.

Housing & Meals

Comillas does not have its own on-campus lodging, rather, it does have several official outsourced and reliable companies that students can work with. Learn more about housing options at Comillas.

The three most common housing options:

  • Living with a family (homestay)
  • Living in a private hall of residence (student dorm)
  • Living in a flat or apartment (shared or alone)

Program Fee

Fall / Spring Semester: $9,150 + $9,150 in estimated additional expenses (Fall 2021/Spring 2022)

Total costs of participation can be found on the U of M Abroad website.

Most financial aid may be applied to study abroad. University of Minnesota students are eligible for education abroad scholarships. Visit the U of M Abroad Financial Aid and Scholarships pages for more information.


CSE students in good academic standing, sophomores and above

Academic Calendar

First Semester (Fall Semester): Late August – Late December (including SAPIENS orientation and examinations)*

Second Semester (Spring Semester): Early January – Late April (including SAPIENS orientation and examinations)*

*If taking ICAI classes, about three weeks should be added onto the end of each above semester.

Find more information on the Comillas academic calendar.

Application Dates & Deadlines

To be nominated, first have a conversation with CSE International Programs about your interest in the program. Then email a copy of your passport to cseabroad@umn.edu, stating the program and term you would like to be nominated for. After your nomination is accepted by the host institution you will receive instructions on how to complete their application.

Nomination deadlines:  May 1 (fall & academic year); October 1 (spring)

Application deadlines:  June 15 (fall & academic year); November 15 (spring)

Seeking nomination from CSE International Programs should be done in advance of the above host institution's nomination deadline. Completion of application early is highly recommended.