LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printer

Lulzbot TAZ 6

Equipment category: GREEN


Used for 3D printing prototypes or final parts. Filament is provided. For small jobs, the material is free. For large jobs, bring your own spool.


  1. There are 24 LulzBot printers in the Student Design Lab and 10 in the Student Shop.
  2. Wait to receive an email from staff. Check your spot using the Student Design Lab LulzBot printing queue spreadsheet.
  3. Go to the appropriate lab and talk to a student worker at the front desk to be assigned a printer and to check out filament.
  4. Load the filament and print your design. (Limit of 1 tray of parts per spot in the queue.)
    • Go to the URL "" and type in the number of your printer in place of "XX".
    • Log into the website with these credentials:
      • Username: student
      • Password: makerspace
    • If the printer is not connected, click the "Connect" button. Sometimes clicking the button doesn't work on the first try, so try clicking it a second time and it should connect.
    • Upload and print your part.
    • For additional guidance, University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty can use the LulzBot tutorial guide (Google doc).
  5. Return the filament to the front desk and pick up your part.

After-hours printing

If you have 24/7 U Card access to the Student Design Lab, after-hours printing is on a first-come-first-served basis, and you must either use your own filament or check out filament from the lab during open hours.