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What makes this place so great?

10 cool things

Take a walk around campus and discover what makes the University of Minnesota unique. We are #UMNProud.

The latest and greatest

Our labs are matched in scale and diversity only by the imagination of our students and faculty. We have an earthquake simulation center, a nanotechnology lab, the first-in-the-world ultrafast electron microscope, a medical device center, a fluid mechanics laboratory with the Mississippi River flowing through it, and more!

The alchemy of ideas

Our buildings are only as smart as the people inside them. The widespread exchange of ideas and information at CSE creates an environment where curiosity drives progress.

Meet Madison
Meet Professor Hillmyer

By the numbers

A few reasons to choose our college...

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Campus walkway in winter


Come see us!

The best way to see if we are a fit for you is to visit campus. Meet other students and hear about our academic programs.