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Who will I hang out with?

Student Groups

Join a student group

We all know there is strength in numbers. Joining a student group that matches your interests will make a big place feel a whole lot smaller.

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Work together, play together

The CSE Winter Light Show features the technical and creative skills of University of Minnesota science and engineering students and their ability to have fun on campus—even in the winter.

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By the numbers

A few reasons to choose our college...

UMN Band Uniform shoulder - 75+ CSE student groups
Goldy closeup - 93% freshmen retention rate
UMN Flag - 88% CSE freshmen living on campus

Home away from home

Students who strive together, thrive together. Our Living Learning Communities connect you with students who share similar academic interests.

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What our students are saying

Your experience at the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering will include more than just classes. You will gain leadership skills, global awareness, research experience, and more!

Student-led support

CSE offers several peer mentor programs where you are matched with older students. They understand what it’s like to be new on campus and will help answer your questions.

Come see us!

The best way to see if we are a fit for you is to visit campus. Meet other students and hear about our academic programs.