Albert Peterson

Operations Manager & Professional Lines Broker, Burn & Wilcox

Actuarial Science 
Class of 2014

I worked at the U full time during the last 2 years of college and never really had the time to study for the actuarial exams. So I thought I would continue in my current job after graduation while I took the exams.  However, MCFAM's career advisor suggested that an underwriting career might also be a good fit for me. I liked the career prospects, applied to a few different places and was offered a job at Burns & Wilcox in the Twin Cities as an underwriting trainee.  Burns & Wilcox is a wholesale brokerage that specializes in Excess & Surplus. We work on obtaining coverage for accounts that standards markets won’t write, which means I see a ton of variety and exciting businesses. Over the years, I have done Commercial Underwriting, Operations Management and am now a Professional Lines Broker.  My actuarial science degree has helped me in my career path thus far because it gave me a glimpse into the background of the insurance industry and risk management, which we use every day in underwriting and brokering. It helped me develop my problem solving and critical thinking skills. While you are in the program make sure you explore all your options and don't be afraid to ask for advice. I didn’t have a great understanding of what an underwriter or a professional lines broker did 5 years ago and now I am well into my career in this field.