Cynthia Liu

Master of Financial Mathematics - Class of 2015

What I like about the MFM program is its balance between theory and practice. My undergraduate degree was in finance without much computer science or mathematics background. I appreciated that the program provides a yearlong math preparation sequence for non-math undergrads to help ensure that we have the right foundation for the graduate level mathematics in the program. 

Many classes are taught by industry practitioners and thought leaders, so students get first-hand information and real-life case studies. Moreover, speakers from all aspects of the finance/investment domain allow us to continue educating and growing our knowledge in the quantitative finance and business world as well. I am so thankful to our career advisor and professors who mentored me and gave me so much support while going through my first job search . 

The MFM is not just a program but a tight community. I landed my summer intern job at a hedge fund company at the MFM career fair, which opened the door for me into an investment career path. I have worked in a M&A and VC investing in the healthcare/dental care space and am now on the Corporate Venture team at Cargill where I am doing similar work, but with a focus on agribusiness.  The thing that makes me unique in my team is my financial mathematics background and my data-driven, quantitative thinking and fast modeling skills. These skills help me add value to my firm beyond business acumen, leadership and soft skills.”