Zohreh Ebadi

Commodity Strategist, Cargill Risk Management

Master of Financial Mathematics - Class of 2018

The program is a practical application of math in finance. Throughout the program, I learnt how to computationally implement mathematical and statistical principles using different programming languages. The instructors are great; many have industry backgrounds so they pick the topics that are most valuable from the market point of view. The MFM prepared me with the desired qualifications for my current job as a commodity strategist and trader.

The quantitative aspect [of the program] exposed me to different tools of problem-solving and working with large data sets. The nature of our work and the recent advancements in the world of numerical analysis require every professional to be up-to-date with this side of the business, so it is a big advantage in this competitive business to have some practice and exposure.

It’s a prestigious and well-known degree in our field, so it shines on my resume. The connections created through this degree keep the door open for me to go back to the school and keep my knowledge and network up-to-date.