Answering common employer questions about sponsorship


  • Do you need sponsorship?
  • Do you need work authorization?
  • Do you require sponsorship now or in the future?

Your Answers

If you’re seeking an INTERNSHIP with CPT available:

“My education visa covers me for internships as long as they relate to my major. I don’t need any authorization or sponsorship from an employer unless we would decide to extend my work for more than a year* after graduation.” *three years if you majored in and are working in a designated STEM field.

If you’re seeking FULL-TIME work with OPT available:

“My education visa covers me for ‘X’ months after graduation, during which time I do not need authorization or sponsorship from my employer. To continue working beyond that time, my employer would have had to file for a work visa for me, but I expect by that time I will have demonstrated my value and fit for the organization.”