Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase

The 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase awards recognize the many DEI-focused contributions of CSE students, faculty, staff, and postdocs in the areas of advocacy, volunteer work, and engagement that have a positive impact on CSE, the University, and the Twin Cities communities through DEI initiatives.

Nominations are now closed.

Event details

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Showcase Awards
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Doors open at 3:30 p.m.
Awards ceremony at 4:30 p.m.
McNamara Alumni Center

By invitation only

As space is limited, event attendance is by invitation only. Invitations will be extended to showcase award winners and their guests, showcase exhibitors, college and departmental leadership, event sponsors, and other DEI partners.

Watch the Leadership Showcase Awards Program keynote speaker and awards presentation video!

Awards categories

CSE Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion awards recognize a nominee in each category who has consistently engaged with DEI efforts, demonstrated exemplary leadership, or has created a long-lasting impact in pursuit of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive climate within the College of Science & Engineering.  

CSE Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award categories:

  • Undergraduate students currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota and pursuing a STEM degree
  • Graduate students currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota and pursuing a STEM degree
  • Faculty affiliated with the College of Science and Engineering
  • Staff affiliated with the College of Science and Engineering
  • Postdoc affiliated with the College of Science and Engineering
  • Student Organization currently registered at the University of Minnesota and affiliated with the College of Science and Engineering

Event highlights

The invitation-only awards presentation program showcases the many campus contributions of individuals who actively contribute to a positive and more equitable College of Science and and Engineering climate through diversity, equity, and inclusion events, programming, and volunteer work.

In addition to celebrating scholarship recipients, and award recipients and their nominators, the event is an excellent opportunity to network with: 

  • Industry professionals
  • Student representatives from various STEM identity-based organizations 
  • University of Minnesota and College of Science and Engineering professionals

2023 award recipients

CSE Postdoctoral Award

  • Eman Ramadan, Computer Science and Engineering 
    "Eman is a founding member of the Computer Science and Engineering Department’s CS-IDEA committee and has consistent dedication leading to policy changes, new resources for students and faculty training in the CS&E department including introducing Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) moments to faculty meetings. Eman has been a part of the CSE D&I Alliance Lead team since 2022 where she leads the Student Committee Action Team and has worked on a reporting system for the college that handles macro and microaggressions."

CSE Faculty Awards

  • Edgar Arriaga, Chemistry
  • Cara Santelli, Earth and Environmental Sciences
    "Edgar Arriaga and Cara Santelli have been advocates for change in the college both independently and together during their tenures. Both faculty members have a wide reach of DEI work they do, but for this award the nominator wanted to specifically highlight how that from 2018-2022 the pair worked together to form the D&I Alliance here at the college. The groundwork they laid as co-chairs has flourished into a 600-member organization that has strong roots planted to continue advocating for change well into the future."

CSE Student Organization Award

  • Science and Engineering Student Board
    The Science and Engineering Student Board (SESB) organizes a number of impactful initiatives and events each year. One of the group's annual events connects attendees with diverse CSE alumni from different science and engineering fields. The event gives attendees the opportunity to make meaningful connections and learn about panelists’ careers, aspirations, and experiences beyond the University through meaningful conversations. The group also plays an important role at the University in advocating for the CSE student community. The organization maintains a strong ongoing relationship with the CSE Deans and faculty via regular meetings and conversations. DEI is a regular topic and discussions have included further diversifying faculty to improve classroom accessibility."

CSE Graduate Student Awards

  • Marisa Bazzi, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    "Marisa Bazzi has demonstrated exceptional devotion to setting goals for the DEI working group of the department. Marisa was instrumental in designing the committee structure which allows members to focus on projects they were passionate about. She is a consistent, optimistic, empathetic, and energizing force even in times of challenge. Marisa is extremely active in the leadership of the departmental work group facilitating the completion of goals and the implementation of new initiatives."
  • Spencer Bingham, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    "Spencer Bingham is recognized for his dedication and thoughtfulness in leadership and service. Spencer led the design of the department's climate survey and listening sessions to set DEI tasks for multiple years. Spencer reviewed and improved how peer discussions have been conducted and found ways to handle data to protect confidentiality and boost engagement. Spencer has always encouraged participation and kept the department moving toward clear action items, transparency, and accountability."

CSE Undergraduate Student Awards

  • Sophia Clark, Elizabeth Hokanson, Moira Miller, Mechanical Engineering
    Sophia Clark, Elizabeth Hokanson, and Moire Miller are being recognized together, although they have accomplished a tremendous amount individually. As individuals they are notable women in the college who lead in their field and give back to the overall CSE community. They are presidents, accomplished engineers, and strong advocates for women in engineering. As collaborators they organized an influential event to break down the stigma surrounding the less glamorous side of engineering, machining, and manufacturing. Their event, Women in Machining, offered those that may be intimidated by the Machine Shop an opportunity to have hands-on experience that is valuable to their academic and professional experience."
  • Minali Ganguly, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    "Minali Ganguly is an advocate for intersectionality, diversity, and representation. Minali is a leader and often the only non-dominant identity in their leadership circle. Seeing this as an opportunity, Minali recruited diverse leadership resulting in a majority representation of underrepresented identities. Minali facilitates conversations with diverse faculty, engineers, and other professionals that offer their group examples of representation and mentorship from those that share their underrepresented background."
  • Lauren Hagen, Computer Science and Engineering
    "Lauren Hagen is nominated for her work supporting students identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Lauren has worked to ensure that fellow students feel support in an environment where representation and a sense of belonging can be difficult to find. She has planned, coordinated, and executed a wide variety of events to help foster that sense of community. Lauren's contributions have left a lasting impact on her peers and the broader community at the University."
  • Ruth Mesfin, Computer Science and Engineering
    "Ruth Mesfin has focused her student group on building a diverse and welcoming community that uplifts members. The group has partnered with companies and faculty to build connections that support members goals in academia and industry. The group also has created opportunities for high school students to connect with STEM experiences earlier to encourage more young women of color to consider the field of computer science."
  • Dani Alfonzo Mudoy, Mechanical Engineering
    "Daniela Alfonzo Mudoy is recognized as an exemplary leader working to uplift other people belonging to communities that are often underrepresented in the STEM field. Like many of our other recipients, Dani has often found herself as an outlier in the classroom and student group spaces. However, because of her leadership with kindness, confidence, and consideration for every voice, Dani has spurred a shift in those spaces and an increase in underrepresented folks on her teams. Dani has provided meaningful conversations and representation for other BIPOC women in CSE."
  • Ulises Perez, Chemistry
    "Ulises Perez has faced many challenges since beginning his education at the University. Through his perseverance, Ulises has become an advocate for other underrepresented students. He has used his positions of influence to facilitate discussions among their peers, build community for fellow students, and connect younger students to appropriate resources and support. Overall, Ulises is working toward a future with greater representation within the field of chemistry."