CSE Shop frequently asked questions

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What are the CSE Shop Hours?

The CSE Shop is generally open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.

How do I get in the shop?

For safety reasons, the doors to the shop remain locked at all times. To gain entry to the shop you may ring the doorbell or call on the phone. If calling on the phone, first try the shop floor number at 612-625-0549 and second try the office phone at 612-625-2062. If no one answers the doorbell or the phone, the shop may be closed for the day.

Are there any safety considerations when I enter the shop?

Yes, depending on where you are in the shop. If you are here for a consultation, to pick up a completed project or materials, or are only going to be in the front office area of the shop, safety glasses are not required. However, once you cross the yellow safety line on the floor indicating you are entering the working area of the shop, safety glasses and appropriate attire are required. Clean safety glasses are available to borrow while in the shop but should be returned when leaving.

Are students allowed to work in the shop?

The CSE Shop is staffed by professional machinists and unfortunately students are not allowed to use the machines or work in the shop areas. CSE Student access to machine tools and other equipment is provided through the Anderson Student Innovation Labs.

What if I have questions about my project design or materials?

The shop manager will be happy to meet with you to discuss your project. To set up a time to meet regarding your project, please make an appointment through Google Calendar.

How do I submit work?

All work in the CSE Shop is initiated through the Work Order Request FormOnce your request is submitted, the work will begin as soon as your job is up in the queue. If there are any questions about your parts, someone from the shop will reach out to you for clarification. When your parts are finished, you will receive an email asking you to come pick them up.

How much does it cost to make my part(s)?

Part cost varies widely depending on the complexity, materials, and the required precision. To get an estimated price for your part(s), please send an email with drawings or models to cseshop@umn.edu or set up a time to meet with the shop manager to discuss.

How long does it take to complete my part(s)?

The CSE Shop primarily operates on a first-in, first-out scheduling approach. The volume of requests for work varies from week to week so turn-around times are difficult to predict for the future. For most parts, assume an approximate two-week lead time to have them completed. Larger projects or more complex parts also take longer to complete and should be planned for in advance. Emergency jobs will be fit in the schedule as soon as possible, but please understand that not every job can be considered an emergency.

Can I purchase material or hardware from the shop?

Small amounts of material or hardware can be purchased from the shop using an EFS budget number if the material is on hand. We are currently unable to accept any other forms of payment such as credit card, cash, or Gopher Gold. Larger material purchases should be made through your departmental purchasing agent. Please feel free to contact cseshop@umn.edu to see if we have the material you need on hand.

If I want the CSE Shop to make parts for me, do I need to supply the material?

In general the CSE Shop supplies the material for your project but we can work with your materials as well. To make sure we can complete your job as quickly as possible, we stock a good selection of materials including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and a variety of plastics. Any material required for a job that we do not have in house would be ordered which can take two days at the minimum up to however fast our suppliers can get it here. Typical times to get materials to the shop are 2-7 business days.

Can I borrow tools from the CSE Shop?

Please first check with the Anderson Student Innovation Labs to see if they have the tool you require. If they do not have it, the CSE Shop loans tools on a case-by-case basis. If a tool is to be borrowed from the shop, it MUST be checked out and it MUST be checked in when returned.

When borrowing tools, please be respectful and return them as soon as possible. We may need that tool to assist another customer with their job too. If there is any damage to the tool during use, please report it to the shop manager so it can be assessed and charged to your advisor if necessary. Please note that due to it being a sensitive instrument requiring care when using, we do not loan out our helium leak detector.

What are the CSE Shop’s preferred CAD file types?

At the CSE Shop, we use SolidWorks to design or modify parts and Mastercam to program them for the machine tools. When sending your part models, our preferred file type is SolidWorks. If you are working in a different CAD system, please send us your files as parasolid, STEP, or SAT generic formats. If you’re working in a 2D CAD system, dxf files work great for us. If you are unsure about file type compatibility, go ahead and send us your files and we’ll see if we can open them.