Technological Leadership Institute

As a leader in Minnesota’s high-tech business industry, the Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) bridges the knowledge gap between business and technology by taking bright individuals and producing global leaders.

Tradition of excellence

Founded in 1987, TLI is an interdisciplinary center created with an endowment from the Honeywell Foundation. TLI’s five endowed faculty chairs and more than 40 faculty members from across eight University of Minnesota colleges, government, and industry bring an exceptionally rich learning environment for the career development needs of its students and technical professionals.

World-class academic programs

Our programs focus on applied learning with theory brought to life through real-world applications. We offer three graduate degree programs—Management of Technology, Medical Device Innovation, and Security Technologies—and two graduate minors—Management of Technology and Security Technologies. We also offer undergraduate leadership courses and development opportunities through course offerings and participation in the Minnesota Innovation Corps. In addition, we offer short courses, workshops, and seminars.

Cutting-edge research

Faculty members from science, engineering, ethics, public policy, law, public health, veterinary medicine, and food safety are active in several research areas. These include enhancing security and efficiency of national critical infrastructures, medical device design, global business strategy, leadership strategies, and much more.

Business and industry connections

Our faculty—many of whom are industry experts and sought-after consultants—are leaders who know the local and global high-tech industry best. In addition, TLI partners with companies and organizations throughout the state of Minnesota, such as ATK, Medtronic, and Minnesota Department of Transportation, to provide customized courses and short courses to their employees at their location or at the University of Minnesota.


Our Technically Speaking lecture series connects the general public with today’s leading thinkers in business, science, and technology. Technically Speaking covers current issues at the intersection of business, engineering, science, and technology.