Student thankful for scholarship

When Matthew Stolz came to the University of Minnesota, he did not expect to receive any scholarships.

However, after the College of Science and Engineering scholarship committee reviewed his strong academic record, Stoltz was awarded a Orville D. and Kathleen M. Johnson Scholarship before entering his freshman year.

“I was definitely surprised,” Stolz said. “I was really pleased to have something like this right away when I started here.”

Coming to the University from Forest Lake, Minn., Stolz said he knew he would have to work a large number of hours to keep up with tuition costs, which prompted him to start school working three different jobs. After he received news of being awarded the scholarship, Johnson was able revise his initial plan.

“It meant that I could work less and still afford the tuition,” said Stolz.

With his tuition worries lessened, Stolz, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, is able to completely focus on working toward his degree, which he will complete in the fall of 2011.

Stolz said the Orville D. and Kathleen M. Johnson Scholarship Fund will make it possible for him to complete the program in four years.

“The scholarship made school less stressful and gave me more time to dedicate to studying,” Stolz said. “Getting my degree will be that much easier, and I’ll be done sooner than I anticipated.”