From the Dean

Fall 2022 Inventing tomorrow

Our college has a proud history of rising to meet the world’s challenges. From the development of the first supercomputer to the heart pacemaker to the retractable seat belt, our faculty and alumni have impacted our world in many ways. Today, in a rapidly changing environment, we are once again prepared to respond to the call.

With engineering, physical sciences, computer science, and mathematics all in one college, we are uniquely positioned for innovation through interdisciplinary research and industry partnerships.

The University of Minnesota has generated 200+ startup companies since 2006. We are 18th in the world for patents awarded, including numerous science and technology advancements. Our University brought in $1.15 billion last year in external research dollars fueling discoveries in medicine, robotics, energy, quantum computing, and more.

This issue of Inventing Tomorrow highlights faculty researching self-driving vehicles and a medical sensing patch as part of a new seed grant initiative, alumni who are leading next-generation manufacturing and sustainability, and students who are tapping multiple STEM disciplines to better solve big problems.

We are ready for the future, and we need your help more than ever. With support from our alumni, donors, and industry and academic partners, we can ensure that the people of CSE are empowered to make a meaningful impact locally, nationally, and globally.

Dean Andrew Alleyne
Photo by Rebecca Slater