CSE Ph.D. student awarded 2023 Outstanding Community Service Award

Maddy Nyblade is collaborating with indigenous tribes to study climate and land use impacts on the wild rice ecosystem

MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (11/07/2023)—CSE Graduate Research Fellow Maddy Nyblade was awarded the University of Minnesota 2023 Outstanding Community Service Award. She was honored at a celebration on Nov. 7, 2023, on the Twin Cities campus. This award recognizes those who have used their expertise for the betterment of the public and are engaged within the community. Read more about the award. 

Nyblade is an Earth and Environmental Sciences Ph.D. candidate and is currently studying climate and land use impacts on Manoomin, better known as wild rice. The goal of the research is to study and protect Manoomin and look at how this can impact the ecosystem. Her work is in collaboration with indigenous communities and inter-tribal organizations. 

Watch a video about Nyblade and her research.