CSE Professor Bharat Jalan receives international Schieber Prize

The International Organization of Crystal Growth award is only given to one researcher worldwide every three years

MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (06/20/2023)—University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering Professor Bharat Jalan has received the Schieber Prize from the International Organization of Crystal Growth (IOCG). The award is given to one researcher worldwide every three years to recognize their outstanding contributions to the field of crystal growth. 

Jalan, who holds the Shell Chair in the University of Minnesota Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, received the award in recognition of his “innovative work and scientific leadership in the field of crystalline oxide film and heterostructure synthesis and properties, particularly the development a powerful method known as hybrid molecular beam epitaxy (h-MBE), an important and impactful epitaxial growth technique with extraordinary capabilities and diverse applications.”

He will be awarded the prize and give a plenary lecture about his work at the 20th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy held in Naples, Italy, in August 2023. 

Jalan’s Quantum Materials Design and Synthesis research group at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities focuses on building atomic layers of crystals using molecular beam epitaxy. His work has applications in the areas of materials science, materials chemistry, physics, and engineering, and provides the fundamental science needed to develop the next generation of quantum and electronic devices.

Most recently, Jalan and his research team’s work includes developing a new process to create freestanding membranes of “smart” materials; stretching metals at the atomic level to more easily create materials for electronic and quantum applications; and uncovering the true dielectric constant of strontium titanate.

In the past, Jalan has also received a 2022 Invitation to National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Symposium; the 2021 Peter Mark Memorial Award from the American Vacuum Society (AVS); 2020 and 2018 TechConnect Innovation awards; the 2019 Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE); the 2017 AVS Paul Holloway Young Investigator Award; the 2017 American Association for Crystal Growth Young Author Award; the 2017 Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Young Investigator (2017) award; the International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy’s 2016 Young Investigator MBE Award; and the 2016 Air Force Office of Science Research Young Investigator Award.

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