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Fall 2023 Inventing tomorrow
Amy Abouelenein headshot

Amy Abouelenein

ChemE ’89 • General Mills, Vice President of Innovation, Technology & Quality, International

“Everything we do in business requires collaboration. My education at the U, including my involvement with the Society of Women Engineers, taught me the importance of teamwork and leveraging each individual’s unique talents for successful outcomes.”

Stéphane Bancel

ChemE M.S. ’95 • Moderna Inc., Chief Executive Officer

“If you surround yourself with mission-minded people, you will do great things.... What were the odds that a kid from Marseille, France, sitting in the 1995 University of Minnesota graduating class, would have the opportunity to build a company like Moderna?”

Stephane Bancel headshot
Angela Busch headshot

Angela Busch

ME ’88 • Ecolab, Executive Vice President, Corporate and Business Development

“The U provided me with real-world, practical application in my classes, an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program [UROP] position and my mechanical engineering co-op experience, building an execution mindset and drive for results.”

Jeff Dean

CompSci ’90 • Google, Chief Scientist

“The University of Minnesota gave me my first taste of conducting independent research. This experience, with excellent faculty advisors, led me to pursue a Ph.D. and ultimately have a career rooted in research to advance computer science and AI.”

Jeff Dean headshot
Bill Krenik headshot

Bill Krenik

ChemE M.S. ’95 • Texas Instruments, Chief Technical Officer, Custom Products

“My most valuable takeaway is the value of interacting with others. I learned an incredible amount from the many fantastic professors, fellow students, teaching assistants, and friends that I was so lucky to encounter at the U.”

Ken Pucel

ME ’89 • Polaris, Chief Technology Officer

“CSE started it all for me. I could pursue a first career at Boston Scientific because Professor Perry Blackshear crafted a program for me before there was a biomedical engineering degree. In addition, I learned leadership concepts that I have relied on for 30+ years in industry.”

Ken Pucell headshot

University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering alumni also include:

  • Fiona Lee
    CompSci • HP Singapore, Managing Director
  • Erik Rasmussen
    Math • Voya Financial, Senior Vice President 
  • Jay Puri  
    EE • NVIDIA, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations
  • Jim Heppelmann
    ME • PTC Inc, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joe Liu
    AEM Ph.D. • James Hardie, Chief Technology Officer
  • Ken Kelzer 
    ME • General Motors, Vice President
  • Mike Roman
    EE • 3M, Chief Executive Officer
  • Rob Bodor 
    EE, ME M.S., CompSci Ph.D. • Protolabs, Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Reed
    EarthSci • HDR Design Firm, Vice President
  • Tom Lorentz 
    CivE, M.S. • Idom Inc., President
  • Vaughn Himes 
    ChemE Ph.D • Seagen, Chief Technology Officer
  • Vito Quaglia
    EE M.S. • TE Connectivity, Chief Financial Officer