Jole R. Shackelford

Assistant Professor

HMed Director of Undergrad Studies

History of Medicine

511 Diehl Hall

+1 612 624 4499



Early Modern European Science and Medicine, History of Paracelsianism, History of Biological Rhythm Studies

I am a historian of early science and medicine with a research specialty in ideas about the inner workings of nature that were developed in medieval and early modern Europe. In A Philosophical Path for Paracelsian Medicine and several articles I explore elements of a biological philosophy developed by the followers of the German iconoclastic physician and lay preacher, Theophrastus Paracelsus. I am particularly interested in the manifold connections between medicine, science, pharmacy, and religion in early thought. Recently I have undertaken research in the history of biological rhythms studies (chronobiology) and am promoting this area of research among my colleagues and developing an on-line research database of related materials (if interested, please send e-mail).I received the B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in the History of Science at the University of Wisconsin.

Selected Publications
A Philosophical Path for Paracelsian Medicine: The Ideas, Intellectual Context, and Influence of Petrus Severinus (1540/2-1602) (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2004).

"Paracelsianism and the Orthodox Lutheran Rejection of Vital Philosophy in Early Seventeenth-Century Denmark." Early Science and Medicine 8(2003): 210-52.

"Providence, Power, and Cosmic Causality in Early Modern Astronomy: The Case of Tycho Brahe and Petrus Severinus." pp. 46-69 in Tycho Brahe and Prague: Crossroads of European Science, eds. J. R. Christianson et al. (Frankfurt am Main: Harri Deutsch Verlag, 2002).

"Documenting the Factual and the Artifactual: Ole Worm and Public Knowledge." Endeavour 23 (1999): 65-71.

"Tycho Brahe, Laboratory Design, and the Aim of Science: Reading Plans in Context." Isis 84 (1993): 211-230.